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Nutabu Video – The Mansion

Nutabu where Naughty Is Nice and Lust Is Forever! At Nutabu Vincent aka ‘the sex traveler’ documents various goddesses throughout the globe, traveling and showcasing his erotic journey of sexual fun and pleasure, capturing what he desires while bathing in intimate adventures. One thing that you will find is the content of Nutabu is shot with the best gadgets that money can buy – seriously we love it!

Nutabu is Vincent’s “nu” life of documenting and enjoying some of the most beautiful women on the planet purely bound by a short call list of their “Tabu”s and what he can persuade these vixens to let go with him!

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Nutabu The Mansion

Nutabu – Celeste Love Traffic

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The best way to describe this new site is to quote Vincent

“Love loss sometimes can be love gained. At least that’s been my discovery during the past months. As life morphed from simplicity and the sacred bond with Carol – my exwife – to a meeting with Alex, who offered me a therapeutic sexual journey of a lifetime.

This could well be a self fulfilling prophecy, as I’ve always been fascinated by both the female anatomy, and the limitations of the mind. My “nu” life of documenting and enjoying some of the most beautiful women on the planet is purely bound by a short call list of their “Tabu”‘s and what I can pursuade these vixenous gals to let go with me.

The next phase is nothing short of excitement, as the cameras are set and the necessities are packed. Complemented with a range of exotic, needy ladies, my burning desire grows, to tease, please, pump, film, and feel their willing bodies.

My first post divorce fuck was one to remember – a sure start to heal the wounds of the past and the beginning of a “nu” ride. I never imagined to be lucky enough to share this with the world, as I step out to live what I love.”

- Vincent aka The Sex Traveller

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Nutabu - Celeste Love Traffic erotic video teaser

Nutabu The Sexual Journey Of A Lifetime

We’d like to introduce a new site Nutabu,the sexual journey of a lifetime where naughty is nice and lust is forever! Nutabu is about the candid, carnal pleasures only found through one-on-one interaction between their intrepid traveller, and the women he meets, shot with the best gadgets money can buy.

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Nutabu Erotic Journey