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Don’t miss Seleste from Zemani!

Seleste was included in today’s Pink Fine Art Zemani updates – and since she’s so hot I thought I’d post more!

Wild beach, no soul. And we see young Seleste beautiful girl with long hair. She is slender and graceful. She has very juicy body with tanned skin. Seleste has a long brunette hair and today she wears only violet bikini. She challenges us removing the top of her bikini. We see her beautiful and very big breasts. Now, she decides to take everything. She falls on the hot sand, but does not feel it, because she is hotter than sand. Watching a naked girl, we have thoughts of deserted beaches of the Caribbean where we relax with her enjoying a rum and a love of cheeky girl. In some special movements she shows us every deep place of her body covered with the sand.

This is, dare I say, perfect semi-nude/nude photography!

I was totally amazed at this photo gallery of Tina from Zemani shot by Markus! Everything seems flawless!

First of course is Tina, a young sexy petite brunette with every feature perfect; those lips, her ass, her eyes and smile, and on, and on, and on… She’s smiling, looking playful and fun. Her hair is silky, shimmering and styled. Her make-up is perfect, not heavy and overdone. And just as impressive, she’s manicured; I can’t tell you how often we look at a beautiful model and then see un-manicured, dirty and/or broken nails.

Did I say Tina has a perfect ass!

The photography from Markus was extremely well done. A simple setting outside in a field, with ideal usage of shadows and natural lighting, combined with the camera’s focus.

All the colors in this shoot were simply amazing. Tina’s vibrant shirt set the theme for the shoot, along with her matching lipstick and panties, her gorgeous skin tone, and of course that very sexy g-string tan-line, again just simply amazing!

I see thousand’s of photos and videos a day, and this one just popped out! Again, the photography and of course Tina, just perfect!


Magda from Zemani

A girl is standing on the breakwater in panties and a silk blouse. Wind makes her long and blonde hair move. The wind makes her blouse undoes, showing us her large breasts, and almost escapes.

Peep the last rays of sun before the storm and the girl decides to soak in them. She undresses and lies down on the breakwater. The calm before the storm. The only question calm before which storm? Our Magda is a beautiful storm, especially when the shows all the charm of her body.

Rima in Scainis from Zemani

We’ve added 4 new galleries to our Pink Fine Art Zemani collection.

Below is Rami in Scainis from Zemani.

This beautiful blonde poses a great puzzle. She is very similar to the plant, but not to a simple one, but to a deadly. She is also a graceful as ivy, her body writhing as the stems of the plant. Her beautiful green eyes attract and lure in danger.

Her beauty is poison and does not leave us a chance, because from the first moment we see her beautiful naked, tanned body, we can not stop thinking about her. She weaves her web of poisonous fantasies and desires in our mind. Her beautiful breasts will not let us sleep. Maybe we should call Batman?